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California Tax Credits

California tax creditsCalifornia tax credits are for both businesses and individuals alike. California tax credits for business are designed to keep companies in California and create local jobs in challenged areas of the State of California. California tax credits have been in existence for over 20 years. Many companies however, are uninformed of the many profitable benefits offered to them. Currently, 42 California tax credit Zones can be found throughout the State. Any business located in a California tax credit Zone is eligible to take part in applicable programs. CLC tax credits assists companies with maximizing their California tax credits.

California tax credits can be used to recover all of a company’s state income tax liability with the exception of the 800 state minimum tax. C-Corporations can apply California tax credits to offset and recover corporate tax only. S-Corps, LLCs and other partnerships can use the Enterprise Zone California tax credit program to compensate and restore shareholder and corporate state income tax.

California tax credits, including the Enterprise Zone tax credit program; comprise of a hiring tax credit worth up to $37,440 per qualified employee. Active and terminated employees qualify for this California tax credit in numerous ways. The California tax credit Enterprise Zone program also gives businesses a worthwhile sales and use California tax credit for any technology, manufacturing and energy saving equipment.

CLC tax credits purpose is to provide an all-inclusive California tax credit solution to California tax credit eligible businesses entities. CLC tax credits manages California tax credit programs from start to finish so business owners can focus on what they do best. Even if a company is currently utilizing the California tax credit enterprise zone program, CLC Tax Credits can considerably increase and develop available California tax credits and in most if not all cases, recover and eliminate all existing state income tax liability. CLC tax credits also blends and enhances existing tax preparer and accounting services.

California tax credits have demonstrated over the years to be California’s essential economic device in attracting new employers to the Golden State. Additionally, California tax credit programs such as the Enterprise Zone, have proven to be a vital element in creating jobs in impoverished and low-income regions of the vast State of California.


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