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San Jose Enterprise Zone

San Jose Enterprise ZoneThe San Jose Enterprise Zone is one of California’s 42 Enterprise Zones.  Currently, the San Jose Enterprise Zone is one of California’s smallest Urban Enterprise Zones.  Situated between the 101 and 87 freeways, the San Jose Enterprise zone stretches all the way down from North San Jose to Tully Road.  The San Jose Enterprise Zone is approximately 10 sq. miles and includes most of Downtown San Jose.  The San Jose Enterprise Zone program is designed to attract new businesses and retain current business activity within the city of San Jose.

Perhaps the most rewarding San Jose Enterprise Zone benefit is the hiring tax credit worth up to $37,440 per qualified employee.  As long as an employee works within the San Jose Enterprise Zone boundary, they qualify for the hiring credit portion of the program in one of 13 ways. Moreover, employees do NOT have to live in the city of San Jose or in a Targeted Employment Area (TEA) in order to qualify for this San Jose Enterprise Zone tax credit.  Past employees may also qualify for credit if they met at least 1 of the 13 criteria at the time of hire.  Another part of the San Jose Enterprise Zone program that is often over look and under utilized is the Sales and Use tax credit. In short, companies located in the San Jose Enterprise Zone may claim sales tax paid on technology investments and manufacturing equipment as credit.  This includes but is not limited to; servers, phone systems, fax machines, copiers etc.

San Jose Enterprise Zone based businesses can use these two tax credits to recover any state income tax paid in the last 4 years.  This includes both corporate and personal state income tax.  On a go forward basis, the San Jose Enterprise Zone tax credits are used to compensate future state income tax liability.

San Jose Enterprise Zone management and San Jose Enterprise Zone consultants like CLC Tax Credits are currently involved in an educational and promotional campaign designed to educate business owners and tax preparers about the many opportunities San Jose Enterprise Zone tax credits can offer in these challenging economic times.  Any business located in the San Jose Enterprise Zone is encouraged to participate in the program as soon as possible.

The San Jose Enterprise Zone’s program requirements necessitate consummate knowledge and “know how” in order to navigate the program successfully.  San Jose Enterprise Zone consultants, CLC Tax Credits, are a specialty contingency service that delivers cash in hand.  CLC Tax Credits manages San Jose Enterprise Zone curriculum for businesses and tax professionals alike.  Even if a business is currently taking advantage of the San Jose Enterprise Zone program, CLC Tax Credits can significantly enhance available credit amounts and in the majority of cases recover and eliminate any existing state income tax liability.


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